Welcome to Champion Strength & Conditioning

When it comes to strength training and fitness coaching Champion Strength & Conditioning not only has the knowledge and experience but also the facility and means to progress your performance to the next level.

We have a vast competitive history in both individual, team and strength sports, both competing and coaching. It is our business and our passion and we strive to produce the very best from our clients and ourselves. No matter what your goals are and at what stage of your fitness journey or level of sport you are at, we are confident in your future with Champion S & C.

Gym Memberships

Gym Memberships allow you to train in the Champion Strength & Conditioning facility in Milton Keynes. The facility has an array of specialist equipment that you can use to improve specific areas, work around injuries and develop your fitness to the next level. Our welcoming and supportive atmosphere is great for new gym users, and also for those that enjoy a social gym, where eveeryone shares the united goal of becoming a better version of themselves.


Personal Training sessions in Milton Keynes and Training Programs uniquely tailored to you. Whether you are looking to just get a bit fitter, increase your strength, lose weight, improve health, improve your sports performance, general health and fitness improvements or focus on strength sports, our programs are scheduled to progressively keep you moving towards your goals. Online coaching and personal training available.