Lockdown Workouts
It has now been 10 days since gyms in the UK were ordered to close, and 1 week into lock-down. There has been panic buying of gym home equipment, PT’s everywhere streaming online workouts, more requests than I can count for the lone of our gym […]
World Powerlifting Championships 2019
I have to say that Japan is one of the most pleasant places I have ever been to, and that is not me being unimaginative with my adjectives, but the place and people nothing but pleasant, calm, and an absolute pleasure to be around. This made, […]
Powerlifting Clubs
This is a question I have seen a lot recently on social media, people wanting tips and advice about how to get into powerlifting, how to find their first powerlifting competition, and questions about rules and regulations, etc, etc. The best advice I can give is […]