I have worked in the fitness industry for most of my adult life, bar the odd break to have kids and chemotherapy (not at the same time!), and I can categorically say that I have hated 90% of my jobs throughout these years. The industry is very competitive, and its marketing and staffing strategies breed a target driven and money hungry workforce, which, despite what they will tell you, the majority are not focused on actually helping people, and the most important thing, RESULTS!



The times that I have felt that I have had the most success in work and with my clients has been when I have been left to my own devices, and this is why I have always aspired to own my own gym, a goal that was fulfilled 6 years ago when I opened my first strength & conditioning based facility. I ran this gym for 4 and a half years, and it was awesome, I started Powerlifting, got more people that I can count into strength training and strength sports, competed in and hosted strongman and woman competitions from small in-house comps to national level competitions like Britain’s Strongest Woman, an event that we are currently organising for the 4th year running. I have trained and coached people from children and pensioners to international level athletes, and everywhere in between. And was awarded Northampton’s Most Inspirational Woman Award in 2015 for contribution to sports, sporting achievements and motivation of others… it was a rollercoaster with many ups and downs, and working weeks longer than most people’s fortnights, but it was always awesome and definitely the first time that I’d felt happy and accomplished in my work.
It is unfortunate that, and for reasons that are not necessary to discuss here, in early 2016 I left the business, and it left a void in my life that despite still training people and still running some competitions, it was not the same, I think it takes a very particular type of person to run a warehouse style strength gym, and it is those same attributes that become vices in other areas – your drive and passion, the amount you care, your desire to do more and be better, when it is crushed and constrained it can make life very difficult.
I always said I would open another gym, when the time was right, when the opportunities were too much to ignore, and of course and most importantly with the right people by my side. And that is exactly what happened.



At a strongman training day at a gym in Kent, 31st July 2016, I got talking to a guy there, realised he was from around my neck of the woods, and had a small gym set up at the rugby club that he worked at, not for commercial use, just for the club’s player… and friends… I started training here literally the next day. Andy and I ended up working together more and more, running powerlifting and strongman comps, and training and competing together. The gym set up was great, we started collecting more kit, I moved some of my equipment over there too, but we could not use it to work from, and that desire to be bigger and better is there in both of us, so we started looking for a commercial unit to rent… this is the hard part!
After months of looking, being turned down by landlords, a failed planning application, and more stress, money and heartache than I can describe, we finally got the go-ahead on a perfect little unit in Milton Keynes. It was then all go, we collected the keys on Friday 14th July, with the intention of opening on Monday the 17th… its fine, there was only a whole gyms worth of kit to dismantle, move, re-position, build and sort out, as well as platforms to build, flooring to lay, and weights, so many thousands of KG’s to move… easy yeh?? Haha… nope… we worked on only a few hours of sleep all weekend, lifting, building, setting up, scrubbing and sorting, and also a big thankful to the people that came down especially on the Friday to help move all the kit… but it was all worth it, as at 23:50pm on Sunday 16th July 2017 we were finally finished, well finished enough to lock up and be ready to open a few hours later on Monday morning. And that is exactly what we did.
Now it is back to the roller-coaster of awesomeness, building and developing the business, ourselves and all our members and clients. We would like to welcome those of you that are joining us on our journey, and thank you for your support. It’s not going to be easy, it no doubt going to be hard work, but it is most definitely going to be worth every second.
Faye Jordan.
Champion Strength & Conditioning



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