Strongman and Strongwoman Comp Weekend!

Champion’s Strongest Novice Ladies, Novice Men, Inters Men, and England’s Strongest Masters under and over 105kg… It’s been a busy couple of days!

Really impressed with the standard of the competitors this weekend, some fantastic battles of strength and determination on both days, and I’m completely overwhelmed by the support for all of the competitors, especially on Saturday from the Novices and Inters, the atmosphere was absolutely electric!

Open Weight Masters Axle

Both days ran the same events, just with weight changes for the different classes. We started with an Axel Floor to Over-head,  this was a tough event, no-one hitting double figures, well it isn’t Crossfit after all! 9 reps from Kelli Hill in the ladyies novice was the highest score across all classes.

Event 2, was a keg and sandbag carry and load over a 4foot yoke. Ladies did 3 kegs, novice and inters guys did some keys and some sandbags and the Masters guys did 3 sandbags, with the heaviest being a gruesome 90kg, the fastest time was a lightning fast 17.03seconds for all 3 implements from Stephen Fraher in the novice men.

Event 3, deadlift for reps, ladies had 110kg with Caitlin Duguid smashing out 17 reps for the win in that, also very impressive 15 reps from James Crossley in the Masters Over 105’s with 220kg!

Event 4, so after smashing the competitors’ grip with the axel, loading and deadlift, it was now time for a little 15m each way with a drop and turn farmers walk, or more like a farmers sprint from Gerhard Taljaardt, who came all the way from South Africa for the comp, and annihilated the 30meter farmers course in 13.91 seconds… ZOOOOM!

James Crossley – Atlas Stone

And finally, atlas stone over a 4foot yoke, the Inters, and all masters were using a 120kg stone, without any tacky! This was interesting… out of 11 competitors that attempted it, only 5 managed any reps, with James Crossley getting 4 for the win in the Masters overs, and only Glen Kerr, the U105 winner getting any reps in his class, muscling up 2 reps to steal the top spot from Simon Yates in a ridiculously close competition, those guys were back and forth in 1st and 2nd place all day with only 0.5 points between them going into the last event, it was make or break!





All in all a great weekend from our perspective, congratulations to all the competitors, you lot SMASHED IT!! fantastic competitors, outstanding comradely, and great to meet new people and see old (especially in the masters! Haha) faces return. Next comp will hopefully be in our new unit, fingers crossed!!!!


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