English Powerlifting Inter-regional championships

On Sunday 29th July 2018 an old concept was revived, and the regions that make up English Powerlifting battled it out for the newly prestigious title of English Inter-Regional Champions.

The new format of this concept was presented to English Powerlifting by Faye Jordan and Andy Champ, from Champion Strength & Conditioning the home of British Powerlifting Accredited Club MK Barbell. Their vision being a competition to foster some friendly rivalry between the regions, bring each region’s athletes together, create team spirit, camaraderie, and to hopefully build an event that will, in future years, hold a place on the annual calendar that athletes aspire to be selected for to represent their regions in.

There were 6 out of the 9 regions that submitted teams, and a huge thanks goes out to those who co-ordinated these teams, as it was in most cases not the easiest of tasks, as these things never are, but they all did fantastic jobs. Teams were made up of 3 male and 3 female lifters, one of each gender could be and equipped lifter, although all raw was perfectly fine too. Scoring was to be done using the Wilks formula, and quite simply your teams Wilks together make your score.

It was a fantastic day, full of friendly banter between the teams, some great lifting, each team doing their best to clock up those precious points, some regions not able to field a full team, but the effort was not affected, all gave it their absolute everything. But there could only be one winner, and this year’s title was grabbed by the West Midlands team, clearing the second place East Midlands by a very respectable 226 Wilks points.


The Kitchen Crew


A massive thank you has to be given to the loaders, referees, kitchen assistants, door staff and coaches, giving up their time to make the event run as smoothly as it did, and to all the regions that attended, we hope next year we can have all 9 there! Also to Alfie Tatnell from ACG Massage for helping keep the lifter’s as fit as possible all day!

The event was covered by White Lights Media, and lifters footage and pictures are available from them on their website. https://www.whitelightsmedia.com/



#Liftloudfordanny – Danny Wilgoss 03/10/92 – 11/06/18

The even also coincided with our powerlifting community losing one of our athletes to his battle with Mental Health – as you can see the Platform crew all modelling the Mammoth Power Clothing memorial t-shirts which all proceeds are going towards the #LiftLoudForDanny fund to help and support people with mental Health and to build awareness, for more info contact Mammoth Power or to donate go to: https://www.gofundme.com/liftloudfordanny





The Scores


Photos below – Credit White Lights Media




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