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Champions Strongest Events are fast becoming highly repeatable in the strength sports industry, from our novice and first timers strongman events, to our affiliated British Powerlifting regional competitions and national level Strongman and Woman events, we strive to bring both the competitors and spectators a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Here you can enter events as a competitor and purchase spectator tickets.


Mock Powerlifting Comp - 15th June 2019 - Champion Strength & Conditinoing, 12 Peverel Drive, Milton Keynes, MK1 1NL

This event is a great opportunity for new lifters that are preparing for their first competition. The session will run through the format of a competition and allow you to have some attempts on the platform as in a competition. We cover everything from kit check, weigh-in, warms ups, attempt selection advice, and rules within the lifting and the day as a whole.
This session is suitable for both British Powerlifting and BDFPA lifters.
Hosted by Faye Jordan & Andy Champ - both international lifters, divisional referees, and hosts of regional and national level competitions. Cost: £20 per person.

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East Midlands Powerlifting Junior & Sub-Junior Championships

East Midlands PowerliftingEast Midlands Powerlifting Association's Classic Championships for our Junior and Sub Junior Lifters.

Competition entry £25.

A valid British Powerlifting Membership must be held in order to partake in this competition. Lifting under, British Powerlifting/IPF rules. Drug testing may be carried out at this comp.

Spectator entry £3 for all people 14 years old and over that are not competing or officiating. Cash on the door for all spectator entries.

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Super Total Competition Super Total Competition 11th August 2019 - Champion Strength & Conditinoing, 12 Peverel Drive, Milton Keynes, MK1 1NL

2XL Olympic Lifting Bar by Pullum
Event kindly sponsored by Pullum Sports, and using their 2XL Olympic Bar

**Super Total**

The highest test of athletic power.

*Clean and Jerk
*Bench press

Each lifter will have three attempts at each lift, in the same format as they would have in there respect competitions.


The lifters best lift for each discipline will be recorded added and used to make up their Super Total.

Entry form below, cost £25, includes competition entry and t-shirt.

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