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Faye Jordan

Professional Background

Years as a Coach/Personal Trainer: 18  years, I first trained as a fitness instructor at the age of 18, and then moved onto training people with medical problems in my early 20's after a 2 year battle with cancer.

Specialist Areas: Strength training & Training for people with medical adversities.

Most Proud Professional Achievement: Winning Northampton's Most Inspirational Woman 2015. It was not the award it's self, but the people that nominated me, it was how they said I'd helped change their lives; I was so proud of them all.

Sporting Background

Years Competing: 6 years in Strength sports, and when I was a kid competed in Athletics and Rugby at county level until the age of 18.

Favourite Event: In powerlifting it has to be the bench press, in strongwoman yoke and farmers are my favourite, because I'm best at them!

Proud Moments in Sport: Representing Great Britain and England in Powerlifting.

Personal Training in Milton Keynes & Online Personal Training

Andy Champ

Professional Background:

Years as a Coach/Personal Trainer: I started coaching 17 years ago, working in my collage gym.

Specialist Areas: My specialist areas are sports performance, and strength training.

Most Proud Professional Achievement: As a Rugby League coach, I coached a lad several years ago at Cambridge University. When I took over as his coach, he was unsure if he was going to continue playing. He had become disinterested, and wasn’t enjoying playing. Over time he began to enjoy the game again. He started to develop, and became an invaluable member in the team.

My Proudest achievement was to see that young man, who was going to move on to other sports, sign a professional RL contract following his graduation!

Sporting Background

Years Competing: I have been competing in strength sports for 2 years. Prior to that I played semi-professional Rugby League, and represented Scotland.

Favourite Event: I’m a bit of a Bencher!!

Proud Moments in Sport: Strangely, my proudest sporting moment was being selected to represent my county in Rugby Union. Because that was where my journey started!